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"The problem is that once science has reduced a complex phenomenon to a couple of variables, however important they may be, the natural tendency is to overlook everything else, to assume that what you can measure is all there is, or at least that really matters. When we mistake what we can know for all there is to know, a healthy appreciation of one's ignorance in the face of a mystery like soil fertility gives way to the hubris that we can treat nature as a machine."
- Michael Pollan from The Omnivore's Dilemma


We offer a wide range of dog, cat, and bird foods and supplements to balance commercial and home prepared foods for your pets, and health care products of various kinds.

Please contact our office for more information.

Our product line includes well respected brand names, such as:

Flint River Ranch™
Flint River Ranch Pet Food, Lake Stevens, Washington Flint River Ranch dry organic dog and cat food is the only oven baked dry food on the market today. Oven baking preserves the food value much better than other methods of overcooking other dry foods and therefore is the best dry food available in Dr. Yearout's opinion. It is a premium human grade quality dry food, available specifically for those caretakers who prefer to feed a dry diet to their pets.

Dr. Yearout feels that this brand is one of the best premium dry pet foods on the market today. The food can be picked up at the office or sent for by ordering on line or by phone.

If you order directly from Flint River Ranch you must include Dr. Yearout's distributor # of M-290 on your first order. Thereafter you will obtain your own number for future orders. For more information on this product please call us or visit Flint River Ranch dog & cat food.

Raw Advantage™
Raw Advantage Pet Food, Lake Stevens, Washington Raw Advantage is a line of balanced commercial organic raw foods that are available frozen for the dog and cat. The company offers complete dinners (meat, ground bone, vegetables, and grain) to be fed as a stand-alone diet, or just meats with the organs and the bones ground up within so you can make your own home made dinners.

Also offered are raw beef bones for chewing and dental health in 3 convenient sizes. Chicken and turkey necks for a great high calcium chew treat are also offered.

We carry these various Raw Advantage™ products:

  • Dinners for dogs and cats are main meals, suitable to feed 3-4 days a week. Dinners are available in several different flavors and sizes.

  • Recipes for dogs and cats are intended to provide protein supplements to your pet's existing meals.

  • Rock Island Raw is a premixed meat and bone supplement meant to be thawed and added to the regular dry or canned diet, so as to get your pet to eat some real food in addition to his/her daily regiment.

  • Uphaus Treats This is Dr. Yearout's favorite (yes it is so good he has eaten it himself!) training and good dog/kitty treat, "the famous Uphaus treats." Uphaus treats are made from organic beef heart and beets, and are better than most other training treats or biscuits on the market.

  • Treats are exactly that - wholesome treats for your pet which provide both entertainment and nutrition.

  • Special Diets are intended for pets with specific health issues which need specialized nutrition. Speak to Dr. Yearout if you think your pet needs this diet.

    Dr. Yearout works closely with the folks at Raw Advantage, to provide your pets with the very best nutrition possible. If you would like to see what we have available, and/or order some Raw Advantage for your pets, check out the Raw Advantage Order Form below:

    Raw Advantage Order Form

    My Master's Choice™ and Feline Instincts™
    Feline Instincts Pet Food, Lake Stevens, Washington These are both a premix product with all the vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, calcium, and organ meat powder you will need to easily make pet food. To this you add your own meats and vegetables to the mix, and create your own home prepared raw pet foods for your dog, cat, and ferrets. The time and headaches you save by avoiding complex recipes, scores of supplements, and trips to the store are well worth the effort. In one evening you can make weeks of meals, and then freeze them. This makes daily feeding as easy as thawing, serving, and watching your pet eat some of the best home prepared food that you can possibly offer.

    For more information on these products, please call us or visit and

    Harrison's Organic bird diets
    Harrison's Bird Food, Lake Stevens, Washington Harrison's Organice bird diets are dry pelleted foods for all seed and grain eating pet birds from finches to large parrots. There are no preservatives and these foods have withstood the test of time, being used successfully for over 20 years. A seed only diet is not a proper or balanced food to feed, and Dr. Yearout will assist you in changing the bird's diet slowly and safely to avoid any health issues. Baby nestling food is included in the product line, along with special needs, high potency formulas, in a variety of sizes to easily fit any bird's beak. For more information on these products, please call us or visit

    Other Products:

    Missing Link, a whole food supplement that can be added to any animal's food. Better than individual or artificial vitamins, the whole foods are the best way to take in needed nutrients.

    In addition to the above whole diets, we also carry the following products in the office for dispensing, or we can ship to you:

  • Beneficial bacteria called probiotics to help an ailing intestinal system balance itself after stress and antibiotics, or when changing and transitioning the diet from dry/canned to a raw diet.

  • Digestive enzymes to help the sick pancreas and digestive system to digest and assimilate all the foods it eats. (We could use some of those as well). In fact, Dr. Yearout prefers "made for human" digestive enzymes to animal formulas.

  • Grape seed extract is a powerful antioxidant able to reduce cellular damage, and aid tissue repair from the ravages of aging, and cellular oxidation destruction. Antioxidants in general, (of which there are many) are substances which the body can use to maintain itself in a so-called youthful, healthy state of being.

  • Economical and quality glucosamine supplements for helping to repair damaged joint tissues and cartilage in arthritis and trauma situations.

  • Transfer Factor™ products, a line of immune system building and boosting substances to aid the body to fight off infections, cancers and other immune defective conditions. To read more about Transfer Factor,

  • Quality herbal tinctures for treating various ills, such as milk thistle for the sick liver, slippery elm for an inflamed intestinal tract, and olive leaf extract as a potent herbal antibiotic.

  • Natural calcium supplements from sea extracts or egg shell powder hand ground with love, to help improve the calcium status of foods.

  • Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids to help improve skin and other cell membrane needs.

  • Dental Care Products Natural, chemical and preservative free. These various products help keep gums healthy, breath fresher, and teeth clean. There are sprays, wipe-on gels, and salmon-flavored pastes for finicky and hard-to-treat pets.

  • Flea Prevention Products Information and ways to prevent and treat flea infestation without dangerous toxic chemicals being used in the home, on the yard, or on the pet. Natural and hypoallergenic shampoos, and skin itch control products.

  • Standard Process™ offers a complete line of healthful supplements to aid and assist the body to heal and detoxify itself. Some well-known members of the product line include Thyroid, Liver, Kidney, Cardiac and Musculoskeletal support. These products come in flavor tabs that cats will eat, and canine formulas that are added to the daily food. There is also a human line available from your Naturopathic physician.

    Check Out This Documentary About The Pet Food Industry
    We heard about, then watched, a documentary which was scheduled to be shown on American television in 2011, only to be pulled at the last moment. The video went online, and began to circulate amongst pet owners who are concerned about what might be in the commercial foods they feed their pets. We highly recommend that pet owners watch this documentary and decide for themselves whether to continue using commercial pet foods. A variety of alternatives are now available for anyone who decides they want to explore other options. We encourage pet owners to consider those options.

    Dead pets in your pet's food?
    A Baltimore sun article several years ago was a positive article about a local rendering plant. The owner stated that there were two streams - "good meat" from deer HBC, etc, that went into "pet food" and "tainted" meat including E&D that went into fertilizer, etc. He admitted in the article that, rarely, the two streams got mixed up so E&D went into the pet food.

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